What kind of juice drink you are drinking

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What kind of juice drink you are drinking

What Kind of Juice Drink You Are Drinking Now?

When you start to buy the fruit juice, what is the key point in your mind?

Because you like that fruit flavor taste? or just feel thirsty and want to have a drink?

Or it is for health conscious and want to get some nutrition?

Or just because of its beautiful design? get a pcs in hand, and looks fashion to take photos and share on your social network?

Or something else?

Of course, the above's are the reasons for you to make decision.

Here bring you to know in fruit juice drink market(fruit juice drink only), what type of fruit juice drink you are drinking now.

  • Firstly, check the ingredients

In the ingredients, they are listed from the high percentage to low percentage of this juice, for example, normally, water will be written in the first, because it take highest percentage in this juice drink.

  • Secondly, check where is the juice

Normally, juice drink are make from concentrate, normally will show such as mango concentrate.

  • Thirdly, if after juice or juice concentrate there still have some formula info, mostly, they are food additive.

Notice: It doesn't mean that all food additive are harmful to human body,of course,all natural is the best!

Here draw a picture just for your reference, anything else need to add into,pls leave your message, thank you!

what kind of juice drink in the market?



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